About Us

I founded die Kleine Hilfe e.V. Deggendorf in 2006. I had the idea while I was on a medical aid trip to a Tibetan refugee camp in Chialsa, Nepal in 2005. When I saw the circumstances under which people live in this area, I was shocked and these memories inspired a wish and my desire to help, not only through medical aid trips but also to contribute to sustainable improvement of the people’s living conditions. With our first financial donations we were able to build a building and therefore provide housing for 50 children. At this point, Chialsa currently gives a home to 90 children in need here and 55 children at other locations. 145 children found shelter thanks to the generous donations!

Ever since the first contributions, die Kleine Hilfe e.V. continuously grew. Today, the organization sponsors two children centers in the Himalayas, in Ladakh, India and in Nepal, a water project in Nepal and I am still taking regular medical aid trips to these regions. The organization also has a few volunteers involved who help with day-to-day operations and volunteer trips throughout the year.

Because we want to ensure that the money ends up where it’s supposed to, we closely work with the community of buddhist monks in those areas. This successful and close friendship is one of the key components for the success of our organization. In those eight years since founding die Kleine Hilfe e.V. a lot has happened and we were able to make a lasting impact on the living conditions of many people and children in the Himalayan region. I personally want to thank all of our sponsors, friends and volunteers. Your help made all this possible.

Thank you very much!


Detlev Gück