Children center Chialsa – Nepal

In October of 2007, Dr. Detlev Gueck and his wife, Akiko, went on a medical aid trip to a Tibetan refugee camp in Chialsa, in the eastern part of Nepal. At that time there were about 50 children who lived, together with buddhist monks, under the worst and poorest conditions. There was lack of warm clothing, and some of these kids were sleeping without a roof over their heads. Due to the amazing help of sponsors and friends, Die Kleine Hilfe e.V., was able to finance a building with 18 rooms and a spacious common area which is heated. We were able to provide warm blankets, winter clothing and sleeping bags. Geshe la Thupten Yonten and a community of buddhist monks is running this hostel which currently gives shelter to about 90 children. Here, the children are being taught by these monks, and therefore have the chance to receive a well rounded education. Still, continued running cost occur, mainly for food, clothing and school supplies.

On top of that, the devastating earthquake in Nepal, in 2015, caused heavy damages to the buildings and infrastructure which needed and still need a lot of repair.