Children center Saboo – Ladakh

Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics, Ladakh/Indien

In August 2010, Dr. Gueck went to Ladakh, India for the first time. During his eye camp, he had to witness one of the most devastating natural disasters in this area which caused the death of hundreds of people. This event was the driver for his support of the construction of an orphanage in Saboo, Ladakh, which currently gives a home to 60 children. These children, between the ages of 5 and 16, most of which are either orphans or come from poor, nomadic families. At Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics (NIBD), they not only get a new home but also receive buddhist as well as modern school education. Without NIBD these children would not have a chance to receive this necessary education and therefore would have been prevented from a self determined future. On top of regular school, the children also receive the knowledge and education about their spiritual heritage, the Tibetan buddhist philosophy, which is being taught by buddhist monks who are running NIBD.

Current situation

So far die Kleine Hilfe e.V. was able to support the construction of many classrooms, dormitories, a library as well as a medical clinic on the NIDB ground as well as a basketball and football court. In addition to the financial support, the organization regularly sends volunteers to Ladakh, to further encourage and educate the children in English and math as well as various sport activities, art and music projects. This enables the children to express themselves creatively and pursue their individual interests and talents.

Our financial support mainly goes to supporting the day to day living cost as well as the construction of new and additional buildings.

Portraits of all children from the Children center Saboo

All pictures © Miriam Klingl