Medical Missions

Since his graduation from college, Dr. Detlev Gueck, has been using all of his vacation days to run medical eye camps in remote areas where the medical treatments are more or less non existent. Together with his wife, who is a plastic surgeon, the couple has been to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, India and Nepal. At first Dr. Gueck organized his trips with the help of the German based organization Interplat Germany e.V. Since 2008 he does it on his own. During his mostly one or two week long camps, the doctor provides various eye treatments. During this time, he usually sees about 300 patients daily and hands out glasses as well as necessary medication. Because of these camps and the treatment, people in these areas are given the ability to perform their work again which they were unable to do before due to bad eye sight. This work is oftentimes necessary for a family to survive, especially for families which work in the fields and engage in other manual labor. The logistics of these eye camps are being financed mainly through donations from generous individuals, as well as through “ApothekerHelfen” and because of the collaboration with local monks. These are an important asset especially when it comes to facilitating communication between the doctor and his patients, customizing glasses and their knowledge of the area helps the team get to these sometimes very remote locations.