Water in the Himalaya

Waterproject in Nepal

After the disastrous earthquake in Nepal which occurred in the summer of 2015, we saw the need and urgency for help and provided a sustainable water supply system in this area. In such an emergency situation water is the most important resource for making life more comfortable and bearable after the disaster. Clean water immensely reduces the pressure on an already traumatized community which faces life threatening diseases, viruses and bacteria through polluted water.

We were very impressed and convinced by the work of Autarcon to deliver a simple and solid system for the supply of pure, clean water. This system is called SuMeWa (Sun Meets Water) SYSTEM. It is innovative, energy self-sufficient and can be installed pretty much anywhere, even in areas without any energy and water source.

Moreover, SuMeWaSYSTEM ensures continued water treatments which prevent a renewed contamination of the water in all their current and operating water supply systems. In addition Autacon stores data about water quantity, water quality and data about its location for continued monitoring.

SuMeWa SYSTEM is equipped for even the roughest environment through its independent and self-sufficient supply of energy, an ongoing monitoring of the water quality and its sturdy components.